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Детский летний лагерь!

Приглашаем всех желающих в наш летний детский лагерь!

Наш лагерь работает с 8:00 до 19:00!

Пятиразовое питание!

Детьми занимаются молодые, энергичные воспитатели!

Обязательные прогулки и игра в наших лабиринтах!

Специальное помещение, соответствующее нормам СанПиН!

Оплата недорогая и возможна помесячно или понедельно!

Добро пожаловать в наш летний лагерь!




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Sorry Dana, would have been a bit more diplomatic if I’d known a stranger had reviewed this, but I mistakenly thought it was James (I did wonder what his mum was doing reading to him in the 1990s). Anyhoo – Chris, I’ve only seen the first two so thanks for the heads up. James – nothing showing on my phone, but you’re probably blocked.


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I am trying to find out about a young girl that I sponsor th rough World Vision. She is 14 yrs old and attended school at LasCahobas? Not sure about the spelling. I would appreciate any guidance you might be able to give me in my search. Sincerely ,Sherri C. Jones


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He sure is cute! I have a little 9 month old Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix that I rescued about 6 weeks ago, and I have to say, he is such a joy! Wish I could have witnessed the baby puppyness... but he sure is fun none the less!I think Turbo is going to be one handsome guy -- he sure is one cute puppy!


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Ol?? Norma!Um “oi” para a Yasmine!Gente, que belo depoimento! ?‰ assim que ?©, quem escreve, transporta para a sua arte toda a emo?§??o. Eu me vi nas palavras da Yasmine, comungo do seu pensamento. E, como dizia um grande artista popular nordestino, o Patativa de Assar?©, “o poeta s?? ?© grande quando sofre”Do sofrimento arrancamos o que h?? de mais precioso de dentro de n??s. Grande abra?§oSocorro Melo


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you write really well – I have never been to rwanda – in a way, today was the first time. you have very clear eyes and an open mind – to read what you write is fun and sad and exciting. thanks!


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Hallo Aschy, bei der Einfahrt muss man ein Ticket ziehen und im Auto lassen. Es liegt immer eines in der Mittelkonsole. Wenn nicht, in Ebene 6 die Kollegen des Komfort- und Sicherheitsparken nach einem Ticket fragen. Viele Gr????e,Dein DriveNow Team



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