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Этот день запомнится надолго!!!

Для выпускников детских садов и начальных школ, и их родителей - самое выгодное предложение!!!

Детский центр «Кошки-мышки» уже более шести лет занимается организацией выпускных вечеров, как с выездом на вашу территорию, так и на базе нашего центра!!! Красочная интересная программа, самые вкусные угощения, и море незабываемых эмоций, в наших лабиринтах понравятся даже выпусникам начальной школы!!! Спешите!!! Низкие цены, отличная организация и самые зажигательные аниматоры уже ждут Вас!!!

Подробности узнавайте у администратора центра по телефону :



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So very sad to hear about sweet Sapphire. Just know my dear kitty that so many people here at Brian’s home loved you. Your sister will carry your light.


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By the way, I’m hopefully going to have some time this weekend to go through old pictures so I can give Jim a run for his money on the “most B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L baby pix”……Jim, be prepared to take second place!!


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“To Oleg,Try not to obey (or give) any illegal or immoral orders, and remember your duty to protect all non-combatants.”The way I learned it, the capacity to do so, and the desire to do so by the person the sentence is directed to is implicit in the sentence. Very interesting. You guys never give up.


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Que pinta tan estupenda! con lo alto que ha puesto Manu el list??n desde luego se nota que tu tienes el curso de fotograf?­a mas avanzado!jejeje en cuanto al sabor habr?­a que probar las dos!menudos monstruos est??is hechos! Un beso Wapa!!


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Following a 6 week trip through Bolivia and Peru, my camera bag was stolen on my last day. I lost about $1400 in equipment and couldn’t care less – if I could just get the photos back. I was picked clean by a group of 4 pick-pockets. They were a professional ring and had my bag and were gone before I could react. I don’t EVER leave my bag anywhere, even if its in a “safe” area.That all said, I think this guy was just a dolt…Scott recently posted..



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