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Этот день запомнится надолго!!!

Для выпускников детских садов и начальных школ, и их родителей - самое выгодное предложение!!!

Детский центр «Кошки-мышки» уже более шести лет занимается организацией выпускных вечеров, как с выездом на вашу территорию, так и на базе нашего центра!!! Красочная интересная программа, самые вкусные угощения, и море незабываемых эмоций, в наших лабиринтах понравятся даже выпусникам начальной школы!!! Спешите!!! Низкие цены, отличная организация и самые зажигательные аниматоры уже ждут Вас!!!

Подробности узнавайте у администратора центра по телефону :



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Dr Rasberry,We have never met in person but I feel as if I know you from your tweets on twitter.I am not a young preacher any more but really appreciate the article; I’m 49 and been preaching 29 years and trying to pastor (LOL) for 24 years; words of wisdom and encouragement like those would’ve meant so much in younger days; keep up the good work and may God richly bless you.Dr Don AndersonSunlight Baptist Church; NC


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oh my gosh, you had to go to the hospital!? Poor thing! Get some rest, hope you’re feeling better! @Berna, I love that you are the one that agreed with me about the toilet paper AND got specific about which kind works the best haha! Too funny! I had no idea you had surgery! You need to be resting girl! Hugs to you and your family, get better soon! @Cherisse, I tried telling the husband the toilet paper is totally glamorous but he wasn’t going for it


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I have never met Catherine R. Frame, but I have met her precious Grand Daughter Melody Bates, if she is anything like her she was a caring and loving person and kind and sweet, so sorry for your loss, but she lives on in her kids and grandkids always remember the precious times together Praying for familySencerly shelia lyles


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Just love your compost tumbler and it was a breeze to set up! All those “death” warnings were funny, though!! Dexter was also ensuring that we weren’t swallowed up by the bin! Have fun with it and take note when you harvest your fresh, yummy, gorgeous, home-grown compost! I’m jealous! OH YES!! I’ve seen these nifty easy go thingies!!! When I find one I’ll buy you one!



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